ASB Information

ASB Meetings are held on Wednesday's every two weeks. Agendas are set on Monday afternoons, so please have any pertinant paperwork in to Mr. Joanis, ASB Advisor, by 3:00pm Monday for that week's meeting. Special meetings may be held if needed, but only on an emergency basis. Mr. Joanis will inform everyone of the week's meeting by posting it on e-mail.

Purchase requisitions are needed from the Business Office to spend any ASB Funds. These are needed ahead of the ASB meeting time, filled out and signed by the class advisor, and building principal. Once approved, the ASB advisor will send out the final approval to spend the ASB monies.

For Field trips, additional paperwork must be completed. The "Field Trip Activity Request Form" found under staff forms must be completed xxxxx days in advance of travel with signatures from the transportation department, kitchen, etc. plus time for ASB approval.

As you can see it helps to plan ahead and plan early!